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2 Mar

Building Better Relationships

Even the strongest and healthiest of relationships could use some work every now and then. Maybe you’ve been in a relationship for so long you forget what is needed to maintain that intimate bond with your partner. You’ve heard the phrase “quality over quantity” many times in your life but do you apply it to your romantic relationship? Maybe now is the time to start.

Be a Great Listener

The easiest way to build a better relationship is to become a better listener. Everyone has a basic need to be heard but most importantly to be understood. Few of us are taught to be great listeners and unfortunately this impacts most of our relationships and not only the romantic ones. We naturally bond with people who we feel really hear us. So, the next time your partner is speaking to you and you feel yourself thinking about what you want to say next, redirect yourself and focus on their words and feelings.

Remember, Remember, Remember

If you’ve been in a long-term relationship this part should be easy for you. Remember what your partner tells you. Their favorite flower, food, sports team, it’s all important! Remember their schedule when they send it to you. Be considerate of their priorities because not only does that make you an understanding partner it allows for more quality time. Knowing when to schedule date night at their favorite restaurant is a wonderful way to show them you care and most importantly, remembered! 

Introduce How Can I’s

How can I help you achieve your goals? How can I improve our communication? How can I make things more exciting? Be your partners biggest fan! We want to live our best lives and we want to know that someone is rooting for us. Learn to have sit down talks with one another on how you can help improve your relationship. Feedback, validation and appreciation are building blocks to a great relationship. Not only will they help you build a better relationship they will help you maintain it in the long run. 

Practice on Resolving Conflict

Whether you have been in a relationship for one year or twenty years, relationships work best through communication and compromise. Understand that things don’t always go according to plan. Although, if you and your partner are willing to adapt for the mutual respect and love you have for one another your relationship will flourish. Being a better communicator is just as important as being a great listener. Learning fundamental relationship skills will improve your ability to communicate therefore your ability to resolve conflict. For example, you must be self-aware. Understanding your needs and wants will make for easier communication. Learn to regulate your emotions in high stress situations and become more assertive when voicing your opinions or needs. 

In the End

Nothing is ever perfect. Although, through hard work and self-improvement you could build healthy relationships with just about anyone. It is important to know where you can improve and have a constructive conversation with your significant other. Becoming a better listener, learning how to resolve conflict, and remembering important details will make you into a better partner. Start implementing these tips little by little and see what a difference it will make to your life. We all have room for change, so why not start with building better relationships?