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Love Suite
21 Jun

#TheExecutiveDecision: Our Love Suite is Calling Your Name

Encouraging Amorous Behavior

When it comes down to it, sometimes all we need for sexual stimulation is consenting individuals. However, this doesn’t mean that the addition of certain elements to the mix, for instance, love, passion, or the right environment doesn’t improve circumstances for a truly memorable experience.

At some point, candles and rose petals simply won’t do it anymore. You could seek out a cheap room near the freeway with a standard bed and hotel-grade linens for an amorous encounter with a loved one. Nevertheless, some options remain notably better-suited to excite both mind and body between loved ones.

It doesn’t matter if you want to incorporate some passionate roleplay into the mix, or even costumes and props, sensuality can become a cinematic activity. Unfortunately, one of the hardest things to accomplish for many partners is a quality stage for this production. This is where the right setting like the Love Suite from Executive Fantasy Hotels can come in.

The Love Suite – Executive Fantasy Hotels

As a preeminent solution for romance, the Love Suite boasts a design intended to embrace the finer points of love. This amazing suite from Executive Fantasy Hotels is an excellent way to show a loved one that you truly appreciate them. Here we provide all of the appeal and amenities you would expect from a “love-oriented” suite.

Come and go as you please with private parking, guaranteeing the utmost of discretion on your way to and from your romantic room. Secluded away from outside influence, from the second you step into the room you will be welcomed by an inviting king-sized luxury bed.

Focusing on the small touches and total relaxation, you can find comfort in the embrace of another that you care for stepping into another world. Nonetheless, if you and your loved one wield more on your mind than simply sleeping in a comfortable bed, passion extends beyond the bedroom.

The Love Suite provides a selection of champagne, beer, wine, and spirits for a little bit of liquid courage that should loosen things up a bit. The suite also includes a clear glass, fantasy shower to wash off after a day of activity in the hot South Florida sun.

Furthermore, thinking about client needs at all times, Executive Fantasy Hotels works to supply an amenity in our Love Suite that is ideal for any lovers during their stay. This includes a surround CD stereo, iPod docking station, and disco ball for music and dancing, as well as Wi-Fi and a flat-panel screen for the film connoisseurs out there.

Think about this romantic suite at the Hotel Presidente by Executive for your next anniversary or another special occasion while the Executive Fantasy Hotels team works to ensure that you get everything you want and more with each stay.

The Love Suite from Executive Fantasy Hotels

Love SuiteSome hotels do their best to go all out with a sensual space for those that seek to indulge their passions. With the Love Suite from Executive Fantasy Hotels, you can make any occasion a truly stimulating experience.

Our team works to help you move your romantic life out of the home and into a space where imagination and quixotic embrace can take over. We dedicate our services to the care and support to the propagation of true romance!

To learn more about the Love Suite from Executive Fantasy Hotels, stop by the Hotel Presidente by Executive location today, or contact us for more information!