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1 Aug

Can Love at First Sight Exist on Social Media?

Love at First Sight

“Love at first sight is possible, but it pays to take a second look.” —Unknown

Fact: we live a huge part of our daily lives connected to social media, whether for business or pleasure. It goes without saying that social networks affect our love lives, too. And while we know that sites like Facebook and Instagram can create (and definitely, definitely destroy) relationships, we’ve come to the conclusion that love at first site (pun intended) can’t exist online.

‘At first sight’ means “on first seeing or meeting someone.” Online is not personal, it’s not intimate. There’s a difference between physically being in a person’s presence and ‘meeting’ them on a screen. Chemistry is an important part of any relationship, especially in the beginning, and it’s hard to tell if the spark is there when you’ve only seen a digital copy of them.

In our opinion, love at first site on social media is actually more a reflection of each individual’s needs, desires and state of mind. Are you both aching to be in a relationship? Do each of you just lust after one another on a physical level? Sometimes lust can dress up as love, but when it’s all said and done, lust is not enough.

That being said, we never say never. If you found love at first sight on social media, come together at Executive Fantasy Hotels, and tweet us your story @Exfantasyhotel.