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1 Sep

Three Tips to Avoid Picking Little Fights

How to Avoid Fighting in Relationships

Little fights driving you crazy? If the bickering between you and your partner is on the rise, it’s time for both of you to take a deep breath and regroup. Learn how to Avoid Fighting in Relationships. Here are three ways to do that and keep your cool for good. Spoiler alert: the key to fighting less is to pick your battles.

1. Be patient. 

We tend to take our stresses out on our partners, which is one major factor that causes couples to break up. Try to leave your angst at the office, and instead try a patient approach with your significant other. Make a conscious effort not to snap at him or her, and work on keeping a positive attitude. Easier said than done, we know, but it’s worth getting into this happy habit.

2. Know and understand each other’s annoying habits

It’s easy to get annoyed with your significant other for leaving the towel on the floor, or for leaving make up all over the counter. Understand and accept that each of you put up with each other’s bad habits to some degree, so don’t make a big deal about the small ones that you’re stuck with. Again, remember to pick your battles.

3. Recognize when a little fight has a big meaning. 

If the small fights are happening more and more often, look for the root cause. Most of the time, small fights are manifestations of bigger issues, so dig deep. When you properly address the source of the bickering, the small fights will happen less often.