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23 May

Intimacy: The Secret to Keeping the Passion Alive in Your Relationship

Sometimes, everyday life can be dull, hectic, and stressful, filled with commitments that consume our time and attention, distracting us from one of the most important aspects of being in a relationship: intimacy. That’s why we’re back on our blog with an article dedicated to all those who want to reconnect with their lovers in a unique way and who, like us, want to keep the flame of passion alive in their relationship.

So, what is Intimacy?

In the late 1980s, renowned American psychologist Robert Sternberg referred to the term as one of the three fundamental elements of romantic love: commitment, intimacy, and desire/passion. Since then, the term has evolved beyond merely signifying the boundary between public and private, taking on a romantic context where superficiality is set aside to achieve deep connections between partners, spanning from emotional to sexual.Relationship psychology experts agree that intimacy is crucial for maintaining a vibrant, healthy, and emotionally rich relationship. Surprisingly, intimacy can sometimes be difficult to achieve, as it requires exposing our most vulnerable selves to our partner.

Why is Intimacy so important in a relationship?

Intimacy means truly knowing your partner and achieving a sense of belonging, understood as feeling understood by the other person. It involves creating spaces of trust and complicity within the relationship, sharing mutual unconditional support where each person feels safe to act, speak, and feel.Having intimacy involves having uncomfortable conversations, spending time alone together, knowing each other’s tastes, interests, and motivations, and breaking the routine to explore new dynamics as a couple. And yes, if you’re wondering, this also applies to everything that happens beneath the sheets.

Intimacy and sexual relationships

Today, sexual activity, when enjoyed superficially, doesn’t necessarily require intimacy. However, in a fulfilling and affective sexuality, the desire between partners always leads to a deep and reciprocal connection, creating a shared space where intimacy belongs to both.In this context, intimacy shows up in various ways, from the pleasure and sensations you bring to each other, to the feelings that arise in those passionate moments. To truly strengthen intimacy with your partner and build a bond that goes beyond the physical act, it’s crucial to emphasize that (in addition to the points mentioned) spending quality time with your partner is essential. Along with that, keeping things varied in your relationship is key. Experimenting with your partner, breaking out of routine, and dedicating exciting moments to each other will allow you to know and explore each other in unique and profound ways, enjoying your relationship like never before.

So, what are you waiting for to ignite the passion in your relationship and take intimacy with your partner to the next level?

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