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5 Jun

The Intimate Connection Between Couples After Having Kids

Attention all parents! With Father’s Day approaching, we want to take a moment to honor our readers who have ventured into parenthood. Today, we’ll delve into the importance of prioritizing your relationship with your partner even after having children. Read on and discover why nurturing your bond with your loved one should remain a priority.

A Love That Should Not Replace Another

Anyone who has children knows that you would do anything for them. This is unconditional love at first sight, and of course, being so little, your children’s needs are your top priorities. The fact that they need you all the time makes you always put them first.

As time passes, children grow up, establish their own lives, and set their priorities. If your children always come first, your relationship as a couple can be affected. Therefore, love for the children must not overshadow love for the couple, as ultimately, this impacts the children as well, according to science.

Your Relationship Won’t Be Magically Maintained

Loving your partner is a choice that requires continuous work. You don’t have to wait until the children are grown up to do this, but you can start now (if you want to).

Specialists always recommend that parents have dedicated spaces to meet, talk, and enjoy intimate moments together, free from routine and, when possible, from their children, allowing them the opportunity to connect both sexually and emotionally.

The Benefits of Prioritizing Your Relationship

Recent studies by the American Psychological Association indicate that keeping your partner as a priority (i.e., not pushing them aside or devaluing their needs) even benefits the well-being of children. They grow up in an environment of genuine love with a role model, understanding what a good relationship looks like.

Psychologists suggest that children are usually happier when they see their parents in a close and positive relationship. In contrast, children whose parents have a distant, strained, or uncommunicative relationship often feel responsible for their parents’ problems.

An Invitation To Reconnect

As you can see, we don’t say it—science does!

Give your partner the love and attention they deserve and take advantage of Father’s Day to enjoy quality moments as a couple, in a space ideally created so that together you can connect like never before and enjoy a healthy, strengthened, and vibrant relationship.

Executive Is Here For You. Happy Father’s Day!