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Romantic Mothers Day Presents
12 May

Five Romantic Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day

Romantic Mothers Day Presents

She’s the object of your affection, the mother of your children and, most likely, the reason your days run smoothly. Mother’s Day is May 12th, the official day we celebrate and show our appreciation, love, and respect for our wonderful mothers. And while it’s a holiday reserved for family time, the fête can go beyond Sunday brunch. Do something extra-special for the woman in your life this year. Here are five ways to inject a passionate dose of romance into your Mother’s Day celebration.

1. Get away together

Sweep her off her feet—literally. Plan a weekend for two (no kids allowed) at a romantic destination. Whether you’re headed to an exotic island or shacking up at a fine hotel just an hour north of home, make sure all the details are right. We’re thinking plenty of champagne, fresh cut flowers and a view so lovely you won’t miss out on anything when you can’t leave the room.

2. Spa day

Show her you acknowledge all that she does by giving her a chance to relax at a lovely spa. Treat her to a private primp day complete with a decadent nail treatment and deep facial. Then, up the romance factor: finish the session with an intimate couples massage that will bring you together. You’ll both leave relaxed and refreshed.

3. Draw her a bath

Like the spa idea but want something more personal? Create your own blissful retreat at home. Give her a massage yourself: set up a station where she can lie down, and be sure to have plenty of slippery oil at hand. Then, draw her a hot bath complete with invigorating aromatherapy candles.

4. Listen

Showing that you listen could be one of the best Mother’s Day gifts yet. Chances are, she’s already told you what she wants, and it could be that neither of you even knows it. Take note of any hints she drops—maybe a film she wants to see, a restaurant she wants to try or a bag she’s been dying to get her hands on. Spend a day together doing all these things, and give her a special gift at the end over a romantic dinner.

5. A night at Executive Fantasy Hotels.

Finally, give her a night she’ll never forget. Whether you book a kinky themed room or the sensual executive suite, be ready to enjoy an evening of passion in your own adult playground. Think reclining love chairs (exclusive to EFH), voyeur-friendly mirrors and a champagne whirlpool.

Good luck outdoing yourself next year!