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28 Mar

How to Turn a Fling Into the Real Thing

How to Keep a Guy Interested

It’s officially springtime, which means the temperature is rising—and so are temptations. If you’re not ready to let go of what was keeping you warm all winter, pay close attention. It can be a tricky transition from fiery fling to long-term romance, but with the right moves, it can work. Follow these tips to taking your relationship from bedroom-based to something more.

Be Friends

The last thing you want is to end up in the friend zone, but you need a strong foundation to build your new relationship on. Conversation is key here: talk about real things that matter in your daily lives. Pay attention to what he shares with you, and ask questions to keep him talking. The goal here is to make him feel comfortable confiding in you, so he sees you as more than just a fun time.

Play Hard to Get

Adding a little chase into the mix will spark his interest all over again. Be warned, the lines are thin here: make sure you hold back just enough to keep him wanting more, but not so much that he thinks you’re not into it anymore. At this point he’s already had the sexual aspect, so keeping it fresh and exciting is key.

Do (Other) Things Together

You’ve got the physical part down, and now it’s time to show him what you can do out of bed. Figure out a few activities you both enjoy, like a movie you both want to see or a band coming to town. If you can, pick something that is happening a few weeks later so you have future

plans. Hanging out in social settings will challenge your dynamic, giving you a preview of what the relationship will be like. Pay attention to his behavior in these situations to gage his interest.

Keep Your Independence

Being a consistent part of his life means having your own routine too. Show him a life he wants to be a part of by keeping your passions strong and your schedule busy. This gives you both space and takes some of the pressure off the relationship as it grows.

Let it Happen

Patience is the name of the game here. Many times, casual flings naturally end up evolving into something more. Let it happen organically—don’t obsess or panic, or you might miss the signs that the relationship is already going in the direction you wanted.