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4 Aug

Goodbye Comfort Zone… Hello Initiative! Your relationship for the better

Are you one of the passive ones in your relationships or one of those who takes risks? If you are one of those who takes the initiative, please continue to do so! It’s a must to have someone who makes the effort in a relationship. However, it would be nice to see your partner take control from time to time, wouldn’t it?

For those who find it tough to take get out of a routine, we will say one thing: you lose nothing by trying to get out of your comfort zone. Dare to explore and experiment. Take the opportunity to bring a twist to your relationship. Are you aware of the factors that may prevent you from taking risks?

There are several reasons why taking the initiative can be difficult for some people. Some are related to personality traits such asshyness, and some are could be related to insecurities. Another contributing factor could be disinterest in being uncomfortable in a relationship. Still, monotony in a relationship is something that we must steer away from.

Another factor could be the knowledge that your partner will take the initiative, leading you to take a passive position in the relationship. Last but not least, there you may also experience a fear of trying new things because you fear that something may go wrong.

It is important  to recognize which of these factors prevent you from taking control of your situation. Then, you can look for ways to fight and get out of your routine. To do so, we have the following suggestions:

  1. Plan different activities from the ones you commonly do with your partner, perhaps something neither of you has ever done. Getting out of your comfort zone is a beautiful feeling. You simply need to trust the process.
  2. Avoid indecision when choosing plans with your partner. Usually, a lot of time is wasted in trying to look for options. Sometimes, you may end up doing nothing at all.. It’s better to propose an activity, even if you are not completely satisfied with the option at first.
  3. Leave behind the fear that “something could go wrong”. It’s important to avoid falling into monotony. If you are already there, you should know that it is necessary to take risks to avoid boredom.

You can start by changing some aspects of a routine, as well as be the one who proposes the next moment of intimacy (before your partner). Surprise him or her with your proposal and choose different places that are appealing to both of you to experiment, like Executive Fantasy Hotels. A change may not happen overnight, but leaving fears aside and pursuing a twist will be extremely beneficial to your relationship. Now, let’s discuss: What activities do you and your partner find appealing?