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1 Oct

Halloween and Dressing up in the Bedroom

Sexy Foreplay and Dressing Up

The Cave Theme Room at Executive Airport Hotel , Sexy ForeplayHalloween is a perfect time to explore a new dynamic between you and your love. So, if you’re looking for a new and exciting way to connect with your partner keep reading. Halloween is the holiday for you. The dress-up aspects of it offers all kinds of opportunity for romantic, sensual fun. Plan it out perfectly and enjoy it to the fullest.

Therefore, one of the best ways to enjoy Halloween with your significant other is to book a room in a romantic hotel for couples. The location of the hotel room isn’t the most important. However, Miami weather in October is hard to beat. But, the point is to stay somewhere different and to make sure the hotel offers unique amenities. This makes the stay even more special.

In addition, once you have decided on the best and unique hotel, it’s time to book it! Choose your favorite Love Suite from Executive Fantasy Hotels and get started on the next part of your sexy Halloween adventure. That would be the costumes. You can use one set of costumes for your special evening, or many. The point is to use the costumes to set a scene and establish you and your love as characters. Your costumes will largely determine your role play scenario.

Furthermore, you can start out with one of you being dangerous and the other one being a victim who gives in to the sensuality, or you can both play characters who are in love from the beginning. Also, get props to go with your scenario or scenarios. This can include food, toys, and anything else that fits your imagination. Talk to your partner about their fantasies. That way you can have a scenario planned ahead of time. Or you can even make it a surprise. If you go the surprise route, be sure you understand your partner’s likes and dislikes. Therefore, your surprise will be a hit with your significant other.

Halloween Dates

Finally, you’ve got the right hotel, the costumes, the props, all you need to do is set the scene, turn off your phones, and get down to having some adventurous romantic fun. As a result, it will bring the two of you closer together as a couple and give your relationship an extraordinary dose. Play masquerade, take it off and dance together in our Cave Room at Executive Airport Hotel. And, let the excitement lead you…