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1 Nov

5 Sexy Ways to Turn your Wife On this Holiday Season

How to Keep Wife Happy?

Touching, listening, planning – these words might not mean much to you, but chances are that they do to your wife. Here are five sexy ways on How to Keep Wife Happy. These are sure to turn her on every time and will get you extra points this Holiday season. Spoiler alert: you might already know how, and you just haven’t realized it yet.


Obviously, touching is a turn on, but starting with more platonic contact can be more fun. Give her a hug when she gets home from work. Hold hands when you’re watching your favorite TV show. A touch can speak louder than words…


Simply listening and showing your wife that you were focused on her will get her attention. Forget about your emails and put the phone down – she’ll be thanking you tonight.


Everyone likes to feel special and taken care of, and not just on holidays and anniversaries. Plan something affectionate and intimate based on what she likes. Some women prefer a quiet, peaceful night at home while others might prefer, say, a fantasy hotel.


Which brings us to our next point: do something sexy. Making plans for the two of you to come into an Executive Fantasy Hotels property will definitely get her going. We offer themed rooms as well as dance poles and private pools, so you’ll be satisfied no matter what you’re looking for. Insider tip: try the Love Chair.


Use what you already know. She is your wife, after all. Think back to an especially romantic experience you had together, and try to recall some of the details.  Were there candles lit? Bringing in the same scent can trigger her memories and feelings to get her in the mood. Serve that specific wine you had on an incredible night, and start a conversation about what made the evening so special. Now, reenact it and don’t forget the mistletoe.