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1 Feb

How to Choose the Best Valentine’s Day Date

Best Valentines Date

Love is in the air and plans are in the making! Still not sure how to setup the Best Valentines Date for you and your significant other? Don’t disappoint – there are a few things to remember when you’re planning something special. Just call us Cupid! Here are our tips for planning the best V-day date.

1. Forget what everyone else is doing. Seriously, stop comparing yourselves to that other couple that is so perfect and has probably had plans for two months now. What do you and your partner like? Would he or she appreciate an outdoor picnic, or would they like a night out at the newest restaurant in town? Cater to him or her on this special day, and do it your way.

2. Don’t be afraid to do something a little sexy. It isn’t too forward to shop for new lingerie or book a room at Executive Fantasy Hotels, we promise.

3. Make it personal. If you’re going out, call the restaurant and pre-order your lady or gent’s favorite wine or champagne so it’s ready when you get there. If you’re staying in, make sure to stock up on your favorite spirits – it’s going to be a long night.

4. If all else fails and you couldn’t get tickets to “50 Shades of Grey” on opening night (February 14), make your own version. Grab a copy of the first book and let your imaginations run wild, maybe throwing a little oral reading in there. Don’t forget the tie. And the handcuffs. Then bring your other half to play in our heart-shaped hot tub. You can then figure out your next move.