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28 Apr

Love or Crush: How to Tell?

Love Signs

Can’t get that special someone off your mind? Wondering what that means? Being in love and having a crush do have some confusing similarities, like pre-date butterflies and rereading your text message to get it just right. But before you start throwing the “L” word around, here’s how to tell if it’s love or just a crush.

Love: You have stronger feelings for the person than you do about the idea of “us.”
Crush: You’re obsessed with the thought of being a couple, but don’t feel as strongly about the person individually.

Love: You would rather spend quality one‐on-one time with the person than be out in a group with them.
Crush: You’re more comfortable spending time with this person around mutual friends or at a party.

Love: Affection is shown in many forms beyond sleeping with each other, including kissing, holding hands and – most importantly – communication.
Crush: Affection = sex.

Love: You want to meet his or her family and friends.
Crush: The thought of meeting his or her loved ones is terrifying.

Date Ideas in Miami

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