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1 Dec

How to Seduce Men

Want to Seduce That Special Someone?

Ready to hit those holiday parties? Find yourself a seasonal someone with these tips on How to Seduce Men. Grab that mistletoe – you might need it.

How to Seduce Men

No matter his type, the single sexiest quality a woman can have is confidence. Make eye contact, stand up tall and take control of your sexuality.

Now that we have that down, it’s always fun to dress the part. Think about what men like, but also consider your own preferences. Do you feel super-sexy in red nails with matching red lips? Prefer your hair to be straight rather than curly? Find a balance between what he likes and what you like to make sure your confidence is boosted and he’s extra interested.

That being said, high heels are one of our favorite seduction tools. Nothing feels sexier and nothing looks sexier than a woman in stilettos, right? Use this to your advantage! Also, don’t forget to spritz yourself before you leave the house. Make sure you use enough of your most sensual perfume to get his attention, but don’t overdo it.

It’s time to get to work: a light touch on his bicep here, a flutter of the lids there. Once you start to flirt, make sure you’re keeping eye contact while acting a bit coy. Chat with others nearby, daring to make him jealous. Once he’s hooked, accept a little attention from other men and it’ll drive him crazy. Play the game until he can’t resist you anymore.

You know what you want, so let him in on your secret. Mission accomplished.