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26 Jan

Catch a Movie This Weekend at One of Miami’s Best Theaters

Movie Theater Miami

Films have long been regarded as one of humanity’s favorite forms of art. While the Golden Age of Hollywood is usually viewed as wrapping up in the early 1960s, many would argue that we are currently in an era in which films are blossoming more than ever before. With new advances in technology and computer graphics, it’s incredible the cinematic masterpieces that are being created every day.

While you can enjoy films from the comfort of your own home nowadays, nothing beats making a trip to a local movie theater and experiencing the raw emotions and excitement with a live audience. However, selecting the right theater can sometimes be a bit of a hassle when there are so many options in your area.

Gables Cinema Movies

If you’re looking to plan an outing with your loved one this weekend, Executive Fantasy Hotels is here to help you discover some of the best options for Movie Theater Miami.

  • CineBistro: Popular in locations such as Dolphin Mall and CityPlace Doral, CineBistro brings a whole new twist to your movie watching experience. Large, reclining seats give you the comfort you need to sit back and relax with your date. Sturdy tray tables give you the freedom to order a proper, delicious meal, giving the term “dinner and a movie” a whole new definition. They are also equipped with full bar, complete with wine, beer, and specialty drinks you can sip on during your visit. As a bonus for couples, no one under 21 years of age is allowed in the theater after 6:00 PM aside from special family films.
  • Miami Beach Cinematheque & Gallery: If you are searching for a more artistic take on the movie-going experience, the Miami Beach Cinematheque & Gallery is perfect for you! This offbeat spot creates a cozy, den-like atmosphere where you can find comfort in feeling as if you were at home while still being surrounded by film fanatics. Indie flicks are commonly shown on their screens, giving you a chance to enjoy films outside of Hollywood’s lavish productions.
  • O Cinema Wynwood: This colorful, culturally driven theater welcomes visitors with Wynwood styled wall art across the entire building. The owners pride themselves on displaying intriguing, entertaining, and superior quality films that audiences in Miami Dade may not otherwise be exposed to. This ranges from first-run independent, foreign, art, and family films. O Cinema is non-profit and independent, with two other locations in North Miami Beach and the Village of Miami Shores.
  • Paragon Grove Theaters: Located in the middle of Miami’s famous Cocowalk, the Paragon Grove Theater makes taking a trip to the movies an easy, carefree, and enjoyable time. The theater gives you the option of purchasing your tickets ahead of time and specifying your seats, so you don’t have to worry about making it early enough to find a good spot. In theme with their convenient features, the Paragon has beer, wine, and food for sale that can be ordered and delivered directly to your seats!

Dinner and a Movie Miami

Don’t miss out on a fun-filled weekend and visit some of the best Movie Theater Miami with your loved one! If you need a place to spend the night after your film, Executive Fantasy Hotels offers high quality, themed rooms. Contact Executive Fantasy Hotels at (888) 871-3932 or click here now to view our locations!