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6 Feb

Top Five Things to Do in Miami for Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Valentine’s Day is an important celebration for you and your significant other. Having a day to spend time with each other and forget about life’s responsibilities is important. If the past couple of Valentine’s Day Date Ideas have been stale and boring, Executive Fantasy Hotels wants to help you choose the best way to celebrate with your significant other!

In Miami, there is plenty of entertainment to see and restaurants to eat at but having a date idea fall flat can be embarrassing. It is easy to stick to the places you know but having a new and exciting experience will enhance any Miami Date Night.

Whether you are a tourist or have lived in Miami for years, there is always somewhere new to go. Naturally, having all of these options can make it much more difficult for you to come up with Valentine’s Day Date Ideas.

We understand this problem and want to help you solve it as best we can. Our Concierges will be more than happy to direct you to any of our favorite Miami Date Night ideas to enjoy a special Valentine’s Day 2018 with your significant other. Don’t let having too many choices stop you from finding the best one!

Unique Valentine’s Day Ideas

Here are some of our favorite Valentine’s Day Date Ideas to enjoy with your significant other while spending time in Miami.

  1. A private cruise: Miami is notorious for so many things, one of them being our famous and beautiful waterways. What better way to spend time with your significant other than by chartering a boat rental and setting sail out on the water? Relaxing on a boat in the middle of the ocean or anchoring down on a private island in the bays are great ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day, especially when the weather is as perfect as it is here in Miami.
  2. Visit Key West: Some of the most beautiful and famous beaches in the world can be found just a few hours south of Miami in a magical place called Key West. Time seems to stand still at five o’ clock, and the melodies of tropical steel drums flood the air as you carelessly stroll through the streets of the Keys. Your significant other will surely rave on and on about your surprise day-cation trip!
  3. Enjoy nature: Also located in Miami is the famous Everglades National Park. Taking an airboat ride on the water and looking for alligators is a unique and fun way to spend your Valentine’s Day this year.
  4. See a show: Located in Downtown Miami, the Adrienne Arsht Center has many different shows throughout the week that you can enjoy with your significant other. Rather than watching a movie, a performance is much more interactive and memorable!
  5. Skip the fancy dinner: So, it’s Valentine’s day morning, and your partner sends you a  text full of heart emojis saying “can’t wait for our special night!” Except, you completely forgot to plan that “special night,” and every restaurant in town is booked up with reservations. Have no fear! This year, Valentine’s day lands on a Wednesday, which is also the day that the weekly Food Trucks in North Bay Village event takes place. Skip the fancy dinner, and treat yourselves to a fun date night of trying a wide variety of foods.

Valentine’s Day Ideas for Couples

At Executive Fantasy Hotels, we want to help you have the best Valentine’s Day Date Ideas. With many different things to see and do, it can be challenging to find the best idea to choose. We want to help you narrow down your date night options this year and spend more time enjoying the day with your significant other!

If you are looking for a weekend getaway this Valentine’s Day, call us at (888) 871-3932 or click here to reserve one of our themed rooms online!