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Young, heterosexual couple enjoying among trees in bloom.
1 Mar

5 Tips To Spring Clean Your Relationship

It’s Time To Spring Clean Your Relationship

Now that the holidays are over and you’re no longer obligated to buy gifts for your partner, you can take the time to focus on what matters the most: the relationship. As Spring rolls in and “spring cleaning” is on the agenda, consider that your relationship can use a spring cleaning as well.  The things we did during the honeymoon stage aren’t always on our mind which can honestly take a toll on the relationship. Your friends at Executive Fantasy Hotels can give some relationship advice for women with 5 Tips To Spring Clean Your Relationships:

Young, heterosexual couple enjoying among trees in bloom.

Young, heterosexual couple enjoying among trees in bloom.

Create Establish Healthy Boundaries:

The same boundaries you had during the courting stage of a relationship can carry over to your long term relationship as well. When you don’t have healthy boundaries, the relationship could suffer. It is best to discuss what the essential elements of the relationships are working and what needs to be worked on. How is the communication between you and your partner? How often do you spend time together or apart? Examine all parts of the relationship and work on each, step by step. Many boundary issues can be fixed with communication.

Remember to take Time Out:

Date nights were vital during the dating term of your relationship. Dressing up, planning the night and spending time with your partner should remain a crucial part of your relationship. The most common objection to spending time with your partner is time. If you’re both working, the kids need to taken care of or overall you’re just tired, date night isn’t the first thing on your agenda. While you’re spring cleaning your relationship, consider taking some time for a date night. This date can be as extravagant as a night out on the town or even a trip, or it can be quality time in the living room. As relationship advice for women, don’t be afraid to plan the date. This will show you care about your partner and their happiness.

Do What Makes Your Partner Happy:

Remember the last time you and your partner smiled at each other or when you did something to make them happy? If it has a been a while, consider making a list of things that makes your partner happy as apart of your spring cleaning for your relationship. This list of things can be anything from their favorite movie, food, candy or music.

After being with someone for a while, it’s easy to forget about making an effort to make them happy, but paying attention is vital. Plan your efforts around what makes them happy. It doesn’t have to be a big effort, but just a sign showing your partner you care will fuel your relationship.

Spice Up Your Sex Life:

Intimacy is an essential key in any relationship. If you’re not intimate often or make time to be with your partner, it can take a toll on your relationship. Visiting Executive Fantasy Hotel can make spring cleaning your relationship easy. Try different positions in bed and different locations in the bedroom. Our rooms offer dance pole, hot tubs and several types of furniture for guests to enjoy.  As relationship advice for women communicate with your partner about what is attractive to them. This can be anything from wearing sexy underwear to wearing their favorite perfume.

Encourage and praise each other often:

There’s no better feeling than receiving encouraging praise from your partner. Again, if you’re in a long term relationship, this praise may have started strong, but now, you can barely get a compliment on your makeup or new hairstyle. By using words of affirmation gently and often with your partner, you can easily spruce up your relationship this spring. Words of affirmation can include how nice your partner’s hair looks, noticing a new outfit, or complimenting their cooking. In all, this helps the relationship stay alive and make both parties feel wanted and needed.In all, your relationship should hold value in your life.

Rekindling at Executive Fantasy Hotels

As time goes on, it’s easy to forget what made the relationship special and what needs to be done to keep sparks flying. This spring, consider spring cleaning your relationship. Take the time to discuss what works, what doesn’t work. Allow your friends at Executive Fantasy Hotels to also help spring clean your relationship by visiting one of our many locations.