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8 Mar

Cheap Spring Date Ideas For You and Your Boo

Spring date ideas

Love in the air and with the spring season underway, there’s no better way to celebrate than with your boo. Since the holiday season is over, it’s time to rekindle the love with a few romantic date ideas. At Executive Fantasy Hotels, we pride in a love connection. Sometimes, the connection happens in the bedroom and others it happens on a romantic outing, but regardless, we’ve gathered a few romantic date ideas that are budget friendly for spring.

Couple’s point of view from hammock on the beach at sunrise, barefoot.

Plan a picnic with your boo.

A picnic is one of the most romantic and best ways to enjoy time outside with your partner. At a picnic, you can not only enjoy time outside in the beautiful spring weather, but you can enjoy your favorite food. At a picnic, you can pack the food you and your partner and surprise them. Plan your picnic around a beautiful day, a popular or your favorite park and plan to indulge in some quality time.

Go biking with your boo.

As a child, most learned to ride a bike. As we grew up, unless you’re into exercise, many of us stopped riding bikes or even owning one. There’s nothing wrong with a little quality time and exercise especially when it comes to your partner. If you don’t own a bike, your local beach boardwalk or bike shop may rent them at a daily or hourly rate. One option is cruising down paved bike trails, but to make things more exciting, try biking on dirt and rock trails.

Walk through a botanical garden with your boo.

As spring arrives, the flowers start the bloom. While your boo may buy you flowers every week, a better experience than them sitting in a vase is to see them in real life. How often do you check out your local botanical garden? Miami botanical garden offers hundreds of blooming plants along with beautiful sitting areas for you to enjoy the weather. Walking through the gardens or taking a tour will not only allow you to gain knowledge on plant life but will allow you to bond with your partner.

Enjoy a drive-through theater with your boo.

Yes, we’re aware that Netflix is amazing and Netflix n chill is even more fun, but getting out of the house with your partner is an even better experience. Drive-in theaters tend to be open during the warmer seasons of the year and feature classics you won’t see at a regular theater. Here, you’re welcome to bring your snacks, but most importantly, you get to enjoy alone time with your boo. Enjoy your favorite flick in the comfort of your car with your boo as a romantic date idea.

Go to a carnival with your boo.

Carnivals are an amazing spring date to enjoy with your boo. Carnivals are more cost-effective than theme parks and allow you to spend quality time together. During the spring, the Miami Fair takes place and makes the perfect place for you to walk around, play games, and win some prizes. You can also indulge in your favorite carnival foods and drinks.

In all, spring is a beautiful season. As the flowers start to bloom and weather starts to heat up, spending time outdoors with your boo is ideal. After quality time, your friends at Executive Fantasy Hotels recommend spending the night at one of our luxurious hotels to make both day and night experiences enjoyable. Visit us tonight at Executive Fantasy Hotels.