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20 Oct

Exciting Date Ideas to Celebrate an Anniversary!

Special Anniversary Ideas

If you are celebrating your anniversary in Miami, it can be hard to choose where to celebrate. There are many different options, and you only have so much time in the day. Rather than waste your night trying to find somewhere to go, at Executive Fantasy Hotels we want to tell you our favorite Special Anniversary Ideas. Whether you are just a tourist visiting for a couple of days or if you are a resident, there is always something new and different to experience in Miami, especially with your spouse!

Here are some of our favorite Special Anniversary Ideas you can enjoy with your spouse while in Miami.

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  • Kayaking/Canoeing: Visiting one of Miami’s many parks is a great way to spend your anniversary. While you are there, renting a kayak or canoe and going out on the water is a unique and fun way to spend time together.
  • Bike on the beach: If you are looking for a calm and intimate way to spend time with your spouse then renting a bike on Miami Beach and going for a ride is the way to go. Then going for a swim and eating at one of the many restaurants on the beach makes for a great day.
  • Take a cooking class: For a more active of the Special Anniversary Ideas, the Biltmore Culinary Academy is the place to be. Located at the Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables, you will have a hands-on approach to cooking and learn new techniques while having fun.
  • Visit a winery: Taking a winery tour and wine tasting may be just what you and your spouse need on your anniversary. Schnebly Redland’s Winery is the country’s southernmost winery and has tours, tastings, and a restaurant for both of you to enjoy yourselves at.

At Executive Fantasy Hotels, we want you to have the best Special Anniversary Ideas for you and your spouse. Miami can be hectic, especially if you do not have a plan already thought out. If you want to have a romantic getaway for your anniversary, one of our themed rooms will be just what you need. You will feel as if you have been sent to some other world during your visit. With locations across Miami, you can’t go wrong with choosing to stay with us.

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