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Aphrodisiac Aromatherapy
24 May

These 5 Spring Flowers Are Guaranteed to Give You an Extra Boost in Bed

Plants in Aphrodisiac Aromatherapy to Benefit Your Libido

Many people understand that plants can alter the way the brain works. The right plant, as well as the right dose,  can create an altered perception of reality. However, if plants can affect our brains, can they also change parts of the body as well? What plants can we use as aphrodisiacs?

An aphrodisiac is a substance that can increase libido when consumed. This term stems from Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, beauty, pleasure, and procreation. Our team from Executive Fantasy Hotels wants to share some spring flowers you can use in aphrodisiac aromatherapy to help your libido. Many you can actually grow in your own back yard!

Mondia Whitei (White Ginger)

Users can employ white ginger in a wide variety of ways, including aiding in digestion and appetite. Nonetheless, we can rely on the plant’s roots in aphrodisiac aromatherapy as a cure for impotence. Furthermore, research studies conclude that Mondia Whitei improves human sperm motility as well!

Tribulus Terrestris

Treatments from Tribulus Terrestris (also called Land Caltrops) in aphrodisiac aromatherapy increase and stimulate sexual drive. In tests, they determined that this flower increases testosterone with no significant effect on sperm count.

Vanilla Planifolia

This is actually the orchid that we use to produce vanilla beans. In the right conditions, this orchid may actually reach 100 feet long. They prefer filtered light and growing in a hanging basket. This makes for a great houseplant, in addition to uses in aphrodisiac aromatherapy to improve your libido.

Furthermore, you can mix vanilla beans with cocoa as a wonderful remedy for impotence. You can find the beans appearing on the orchid plant about 6 to 12 inches long.


The echinacea plant has resided amongst the most well-known plants for health benefits throughout centuries. Native Americans first utilized echinacea to help alleviate various conditions and illnesses.

Nevertheless, echinacea in aphrodisiac aromatherapy to produce hormones that increase sexual appetite. By ingesting the chemicals, the plant contains, this boosts our sexual desire while fighting against impotence.


The sunflower is an unmistakably beautiful plant with the ability to grow over eight meters high. However, its potency in sexual stimulation remains far less known. It can accomplish this through a high vitamin E content. In aphrodisiac aromatherapy, simply making a tea using the flower’s petals is enough to get the right juices flowing.


Lavender’s pleasing scent makes it an incredibly popular flower with aphrodisiac aromatherapy, and in general. For this reason, designers use it in fragrances of every variety. However, the flower additionally wields attributes that contribute to sexual stimulation as well.

Many scientific studies outline that women who wear a lavender fragrance remain more sexually appealing to men. Lavender additionally reduces stress on the body while increasing blood flow. These characteristics both serve as significant contributors to sexual arousal.

Information on Aphrodisiac Aromatherapy from Executive Fantasy Hotels

Aphrodisiac AromatherapyBefore a passionate night with your partner, some aphrodisiac aromatherapy might represent just what you both need to get the most out of the evening. With a variety of benefits, these aforementioned plants can benefit your lovemaking.

Our team from Executive Fantasy Hotels takes pride in facilitating an environment where partners can appreciate their time with one another in a secluded, romantic environment. To learn more about aphrodisiac aromatherapy or a stay in one of our adult, fantasy hotels, contact our team today!