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Kissing Tips
31 May

Turn Up The Heat This Summer With A Kiss: 5 Places to Kiss Your Partner

Is There a Bad Time to Smooch That Special Someone?

Valentine’s Day may be in November, but the Executive Fantasy Hotels team doesn’t believe that there really is a bad time to kiss another, we certainly can’t think of a better one to celebrate kissing in all of its bountiful glory.

A kiss is a really special thing, and quite possibly the best way to demonstrate how you really feel to someone else. It’s the perfect method to connect with a special someone or take a relationship to the next level.

Unfortunately, these moments don’t always equate to McAdams’ and Gosling’s picture-perfect moment on the silver screen. We’ve all been there, staring into another’s beautiful eyes just waiting for that divine intervention that lets us know the timing is right.

Because summers can be extremely slow in Miami, Executive Fantasy Hotels wants to help you spice up your love life with some great places to kiss. You can kiss them in a field, or at a gazebo… just kidding… Anywhere is a great spot to celebrate love and all those tender, mushy feelings.

Instead, we want to focus on more physical and direct, sensual matters with these kissing tips. Here are our five best places to kiss your special someone this summer.

Feeling Intimidated About a Face-to-Face? Focus on Their Ears

Instead of going in directly for a smooch right on the lips, nibble on boo’s ear. For many people, this is a notable turn on, but just like traditional lip-to-lip action, avoid mouthing too much. Also, keep the tongue out of it, that might make things a little weird.

Chivalry is Dead? Nah, Show Them Princes and Princesses Still Exist

Our kissing tips are about love and romance, after all. Instead of smacking them in the mouth with a kiss at the end of the night, get down on a knee or take a slight bow and kiss their hand accompanied by something sweet. This is a great, romantic way to show off tradition and manners in your romantic interaction.

Spider-Man, Spider-Man

This is one that most of us probably know, Spider-Man and Mary Jane’s famous Spider-Man kiss. While the Executive Fantasy Hotel team doesn’t necessarily endorse hanging upside down from a building like the web-slinger to pull this one off, you can recreate this romantic, upside-down kiss on the couch, or over another piece of furniture.

It is essential to exercise a little restraint and not hold the kiss too long. The blood could rush to one of your brains. Maybe try this one laying down so your head can stay theoretically, not floating in the air with lovey-dovey feelings.

Compliments of _______ – Sealed with a Kiss

Compliment your special someone on a part of their face or body and kiss them there. The more compliments you impart on the features you admire, the more kisses you can give them. We’re certain that you can have some fun with this entry on our kissing tips, ending with the best place of all: their lips.

Do You Even Lift Bro?

Don’t… we repeat DON’T say “Do you even lift bro?” to your significant other… ever. Instead, pick them up and show them how you feel with a kiss while they’re in your arms. Another great way to pull this off is if they sit on your lap. This is the perfect position for your counterpart to put their arms around you and work on various kissing tips.

Kissing Tips for This Summer from Executive Fantasy Hotels

Kissing TipsOur Executive Fantasy Hotels team members hope you enjoyed our kissing tips that are guaranteed to spice up your love life this summer.  Discovering new ways to please your partner can maximize your love-making and time at Executive Fantasy Hotels.



If you’re looking for a really great place to practice your kissing with another, we would like to extend an offer for a stay in one of our romantic hotel locations in the South Florida area. Indulge into the kissing tips practice with Executive Fantasy Hotels, you just need to contact us today!