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Natural Sex Boost
5 Apr

These 5 Things Will NATURALLY Boost Your Libido

Natural Ways to Kickstart Your Sex Drive

Everything seemed so much easier when we were young. When we just passed the cusp of puberty, our hormones did most of the heavy lifting towards keeping our sex drive going strong. Unfortunately, as time passes, numerous factors like aging and stress can negatively impact our libido.

This condition is something that can affect anyone, regardless of their gender or orientation. Nonetheless, your friends from Executive Fantasy Hotels have a few ways to obtain a natural sex boost that might get things flowing again!

Chow Down on Some Aphrodisiacs

Many couples don’t need to look much further than their refrigerator to get a little enhancement in the bedroom. Oysters, bananas, figs, avocados, almonds, chocolate, and celery play a role in releasing sexual hormones on a seemingly endless list of food-related aphrodisiacs.

These foods also provide many essential vitamins and minerals that may increase blood flow to the genitals for an all-natural sex boost. Pro tip: you can also take these foods into the bedroom for some added fun and experimentation!

Self-Confidence is Your Best Outfit

The way many people feel about their bodies directly impacts the way they also feel about sex. An unhealthy diet or lack of physical fitness may lead to creating a poor self-image. As a result, this might also discourage you (or worse, your partner) from actually wanting to have and enjoy sex.

You can boost your self-esteem and your sex drive simultaneously by shifting your flaws to your attributes. Partners can also try a good workout routine as well. By getting your pump on, you actually increase circulation within the entire body. This includes your newly awakened nether regions.

Sex itself is a workout with an ostensibly infinite number of benefits from muscle tone to elevated mood and self-image. This new self-confidence can lead to a mutually fulfilling experience.

Pop a Pill for a Thrill

This doesn’t mean taking the little blue pill every time you get ready to hit the bedroom. A little bit of herbal help never hurt anyone, and supplementation is a great way to get your fix.

You can take these for a natural sex boost the next time you sit down to a romantic dinner as well. A little basil or garlic can go a long way down there for both partners. Basil stimulates the senses while garlic increases blood flow. Soon enough, the herbal supplement bottle won’t be the only thing popping up in the bedroom.

Faking It Until You’re Making It

All relationships endure their troubles. When you argue with your partner, you might not feel “in the mood” for sex. For women especially, emotional closeness remains a crucial component to sexual intimacy.

Even when in a low-libido period, a quick romp might represent just the natural sex boost you need. Boredom can often serve as causality for loss of sex drive. In this instance, spice things up with an outdoor session or a new accessory.

Forget Netflix, It’s Time to Chill

In our modern, hectic lives, we don’t always possess time to sleep, let alone carve out some time to meld in the bedroom. Lack of time is a leading cause of reduced sex drive, especially when you consider that many people balance work and a personal life alone with caring for young children or aging parents.

When you feel under a high amount of stress, relaxation exercise serves as a great natural sex boost by helping you get to the root of the issue. Try some yoga, Pilates, or mediation to chill out a bit. You may discover that some chill time can help you prepare for some more strenuous activity in the bedroom.

If at First, You Don’t Succeed, Try, Try Again

Although sex is mainly about a physical connection between lovers, sex drive begins in the mind with desire, passion, and romance. A variety of different approaches can serve as a natural sex boost. Nonetheless, every couple is different, and it may take some experimentation to figure out what is working for you.

The good news is that we haven’t exactly heard too many people complaining about multiple sessions in the bedroom. Keep trying until you get it right!

For more information on some ways to naturally boost your vigor when and where it counts, contact the Executive Fantasy Hotels team.