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9 Sep

Wanting to add some spice to your relationship? Say YES to roleplay!

Have you ever think of exploring your intimate life? Or does it scare you how your partner will react if you propose a new idea? Or last but not least, is it because of the fear of vulnerability? Well, if you are looking for different options to add some spice to your relationship roleplay can be one of them. It can help you grow and fortify the connection between your partner as it is a healthy practice during relationships, so don’t feel ashamed if you want to try this out.

Commonly, people think that if you need to include roleplay in your relationship is because, in one way or another, you don’t feel satisfied when it comes to your intimacy life. But that isn’t quite true. Experts on this theme affirm that roleplay is more about trust and safety. So in other words, you need to feel comfortable and secure with your partner to expose your fantasies. The act of role-playing can indicate that you feel emotionally and physically safe with your partner along with pleased and serene in your relationship.

You need to have in mind that the key point to a healthy roleplay is trust; without it boundaries can be crossed. This means that mutual respect and understanding are fundamental to the exploration of the intimate fantasies you and your partner have and the desires you want to explore, so in this matter, consent and communication is important. Only with these factors and with the creation of a safe atmosphere you can find the opportunity for a deeper emotional and intimate connection with your lover, proving the faith you have in him/her and the partnership you share.

Among the benefits of roleplay, we can’t miss out on its attribution to keep the spark alive. Trying it can spice things a little bit and that can be kind of exciting, right? Nevertheless, you need to be 100% sure that you are presenting the role-playing as a new experience you want to live with your partner, and not as a substitution for something that is missing. So if you want to improve your intimate life with role-playing, you need to show it or expose it as a new alternative that can make better your intimate routine without putting down the actual one.

Here you can find some ideas of role-playing that you can try with your loved one. Feel free to try any, these are the commonly known, but you can find or explore the one that adjusts to your desires:

  • Celebrity and fan
  • Nurse and doctor
  • Homeowner and repairman
  • Stripper and client

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