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27 Oct

Don’t forget to make time for yourself: Covid-19 edition

Due to the pandemic of Covid-19, many couples have been spending more time together than they normally do. The fact of staying at home, and making this space of privacy your new gym, yoga area, office, among others, might be a little bit overwhelming. And if that was not enough, your partner is always there. But hey… don’t take us wrong, there isn’t a problem with that, but with the fact is that you can’t have those private moments these days unless you make them.

Relationships dynamics have changed, so to make yours work, you need to decide how much closeness and separation you want with your partner. This doesn’t mean that you don’t want to have them around you or to have special moments together, but to preserve both yours and your partner’s mental sanity, as well as the connection you both share. At this point, you must be thinking okay… I love my partner and to spend time together, but it is true, I need my alone time. So how can I reach this without giving the wrong impression?

According to Joanne Davila, Director of the Relationship Development Center, it is important to achieve the “romantic competence”, as she named the way to navigate relationships in this pandemic times. This romantic competence stands in three skills that would help improve your relationship, and they are insight, mutual understanding of both partner’s needs, and emotion regulation, without leaving aside that a couple is made of two. So keep that in mind.

These skills are a key point to maintain good communication and the notion of your relationship, so you can share what your needs are, how you are feeling, and what you are thinking, in these stressful times. Also, controlling your emotions is really important for this matter. Since both are sharing the same space it is always better to express if something is bothering you, before you explode for not being sincere.

Nobody said that love during pandemic times would be easy, but is important to always remember that a relationship is made of two people who need to meet at the halfway point, express ideas, feelings, and ways of seeing things, in order to get into agreements. However, don’t forget to make time for yourself. Establish the times together and the times for yourself, so that you can enjoy the things you like the most, and that helps you forget about the stress this whole situation with Covid-19 can cause.

Nevertheless, here you can find some activities or ideas you can do with your partner at home in those moments you share together:

-Cooking dinner together

-Netflix and chill

– In-home picnic

-Spa night

-Home treasure hunt

-Board games night

-Book club

-Plan your next visit to The Executive Fantasy Hotels (We are always an option)