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27 Oct

Spook-the night with your partner this Halloween at The Executive Fantasy Hotels

The Spooky season is finally here and with it, the need of changing the routine or adding some spice to your relationship. Surely, some of you are planning to go to a party or have some fun with your friends, but maybe some of you want to start the evening in bed. If you are one of those, you must trick or treat at The Executive Fantasy Hotels.

Our love sanctuaries are ready to be the perfect and ideal scenario for you and your loved one this Halloween. So if you are looking for new ideas, our 13 different locations can give you one. Nevertheless, and if you are a frequent customer of our Hotels, you might be thinking about how you can make this night different while you add a mysterious touch. But hey, don’t worry, we got your back.

How about a Halloween love hunt? Or maybe dress up with your partner and visit our themed rooms? Play truth or dare while taking a bubbly bath? Or last but not least, play a mystery game in which there are clues all over the place? The ideas are endless when you have the right space and the will to create new memories, so don’t be afraid to propose different plans. You might win more, than what you can lose.

Remember is really important to show your loved one your interest in this night, so instead of inviting them as you usually do, create the ideal environment. Maybe you can send an invitation letter, set a riddle, or cover your lover’s eyes and make them guess where are you both going. No idea is boring, you just need to feel confident, set the right invitation and our rooms will do the rest.

Don’t forget to check out our web page to see our 13 locations, choose the right one for you, and prepare for a night you would never forget. Executive Fantasy Hotels are ready to share the infinite amenities we have to offer, while you taste the love from all angles. Starting with our mirror rooms, led-it dance poles, fantasy showers, heart-shaped Jacuzzis, full bars and so much more, prepared for you. Are you willing to take the risk? See you this Halloween!