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7 Dec

Ideas to keep the spark alive during Covid- 19

Although some things are going back to normal, we all know the pandemic isn’t over. There may be some lucky couples who have spent time together, but there are many couples who have not been together for a long time. We can’t ignore our relationships in these rough times, even if many things have changed in the way we connect. Some people are having trouble because they have to see their partner every single day, and they do not have time for themselves Others can’t see their partner frequently, so their problem is how to keep the spark alive. Either way, don’t worry. Instead, take a deep breath and open your imagination to a world of possibilities.

Relationships during COVID-19 times can be difficult but it is important to have the will and disposition to make things work. Sure, you may be in the same city as your loved one, but you cannot see each other as much as before. To help bridge this gap, you can create different online date plans and surprises, with the help of apps and technology like Uber Eats, to do something special and show your partner you care. But hey, you are missing something and want to maintain a healthy sex life. According to Gigi Engle, a certified sex coach, it is important to work on keeping your sexuality alive with your partner. This is especially true when you can’t physically touch each other, because, if you don’t, your relationship can lose its romance.

We know that a relationship isn’t only about intimacy, but it is important to enjoy those moments of connection with your partner, even when you are far apart. So, what is the solution to keep the spark alive? Simple: to work at it and be creative! Use all the resources you have, starting with technology, and share all your ideas with your loved one. Don’t feel pressured, only choose ideas with which you both are comfortable. 

Here, we share some ideas that can be useful to keep the spark alive. Try one, try two, or try all of them until you find the one that works better for you:

  1. Start a tech-foreplay with your partner. You can try by texting flirty messages. 

  2. Use dirty talk. Recreate past intimate experiences with each other and fantasize about future ones.

  3. Write sexy cards to your loved one. Let them know that you are frequently thinking about them. 
  4. Share your desires, fantasies, and dreams. This would help you feel closer and indicate what you would like to try next time you see each other.

  5. Use video calls. Talk about intimacy and how much you are looking forward to when you finally can meet again.

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