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2 Dec

Turn this Thanksgiving into a romantic and magical one

This Holiday Season is right around the corner, and there are different ways to make it memorable. This Thanksgiving, aside from sharing time with your family, enjoying excellent food, and celebrating all the things and people you are grateful for, you can turn this day around and show attention to the person you are most thankful for… your loved one!

If you really want to surprise your partner, you can do it with a sexy Thanksgiving after-party celebration in your bedroom, or you can also create a romantic atmosphere to share and light up the candle. Whichever option you choose, we bet it will be flawless. What matters the most  having quality time together and not forgetting romance and intimacy.

We know that the first obstacles to shaking things up is are… how to do it and where to do it. You want to surprise your partner and show them you care. Luckily you can count on us! Here are some ideas you can use if you are looking for a fresh way to spend this Holiday. Cheers to new traditions!

Top 5 ideas to celebrate a romantic Thanksgiving

  1. Road trip to the countryside: enjoy the autumn colors and trees while you share a basket of food lying down on a blanket. Be sure to find and choose a cool spot where you can appreciate the sunset.
  1. Enjoy a wonderful moment in front of the fireplace: if you have a fireplace at home you can create a romantic atmosphere with wine, cheese, champagne, or hot chocolate. Seize the moment and start a conversation that might end in intimacy.
  1. Getaway at a cabin: if you can, choose one with a beautiful view. Having a little getaway free of daily distractions can be beneficial for your relationship, and it can make for a nice and unique Thanksgiving.
  1. Cuddle together while the sun sets: whether it is in your backyard, a park, or near the countryside, snuggling with your loved one might be just what you need. Talking about what you both are grateful for while enjoying nature can be a romantic pairing.
  1. Have intimacy under the autumn skies: this can be an unforgettable way to have a romantic Thanksgiving if you want to have a fresh experience. Outdoor intimacy in a hot tub or on a pile of autumn leaves can be exciting.