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1 Feb

Valentine’s Day ideas to heat up your relationship

We’re aware it’s a little bit early to think about Valentine’s Day, but we already feel the love in the air! Don’t you? If you’re into planning ahead or are willing to give a try this year trying some exciting ideas to turn up the heat can’t hurt. In fact, according to Dr. Randy Schroeder, author of Simple Habits for Marital Happiness (you can find this book on Amazon), “seeking surprises for the two of you can stimulate your creativity as you value each other.” So, this year, let your ideas fly and let’s think out of the box!

In this very special month when we celebrate love, allow yourself to show your loved one you know what they’ve secretly been wishing for. It’s in what they say where you can always find new ideas to show them you’ve really been paying attention. Life is about the little things after all, isn’t it?

Let’s kickstart the imagination process by offering some ideas that can make this Valentine’s Day a remarkable one. Remember that Valentine´s Day can be more than candies or roses. As Dr. Randy Schroeder says “communicating eye-to-eye and valuing each other through self-sacrificing activities is what is essential. It is a privilege, not an obligation, to spend time together on a daily basis, not just on Valentine’s Day. One-on-one time, talking with each other, and touching each other frequently during your Valentine’s Day outing is what will be especially meaningful for both of you.”

Of course, you can give your special someone a small gift, but a key thing to do is also spend time together and enjoy each other’s company. Luckily, you can count on the Executive Fantasy Hotels! Plan a perfect day for the both of you. After a romantic dinner, have dessert in one of our ecstatic rooms! We have several locations in Miami, so you can choose the right one for you, but if you want to experience something new, we highly recommend that you surprise your partner with one of our themed rooms. Don’t be shy, you’ll soon find The Executive to be the right decision for you. Allow us to be part of your Valentine’s Day!

In addition to giving us a visit on Valentine’s day, here are some ideas that can help you turn up the heat. Give them a try and let us know if they worked well!

Ideas for a sexy Valentine’s Day

  1. Go lingerie shopping with your special someone: this can be part of an amazing foreplay that can end with a private fashion show.
  2. Eat dessert off your partner: apart from enjoying your favorite dessert the usual way, use one another’s bodies to have dessert. Include some Valentine’s sweets such as whipped cream, chocolate sauce and strawberries.
  3. Make a Spotify playlist: music can change the tone of your intimacy, so include all your favorite tracks that get you worked up in a playlist and enjoy the ride.
  4. Give an erotic massage: include candles and aromatherapeutic oils to set the vibe. Communicate as you go on.